This course provides a system view of mass storage technology, with an emphasis on breadth rather than depth. You will learn to evaluate current mass storage technology systems, and to judge emerging technologies on their relevance and areas of application. At the end of this course, 

  1. You should have basic knowledge of a number of todays commonly used storage systems.
  2. You should know and understand the most important specifications of information storage components
  3. You should be able to determine the specifications needed for the storage system of a specific application
  4. Based on these specifications, you should be able to make a well-founded choice between the possible solutions for information storage
  5. Since the field of storage is moving forward rapidly, you should be able to
    • interpret the information storage industries roadmaps (Moore’s law) and
    • predict the life-time of different sorts of storage systems (such as Flash memory, hard-disk etc.).
    • use this knowledge to determine the relevance of possible storage solutions.

The planning and assignments for this course can be found in this dropbox folder. You need to log in to get to the study material.