We managed to grow a three-dimensional crystal using dipolar forces. Read more in our Science Advances publication.

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  • Magneto-tactic bacteria align in the earth magnetic field. This allows them search for the bottom of ponds or marshes. In the lab, we can trick the bacteria with our own magnetic fields, and make them dance. Read more in this publication by Marc Pichel. This video won the 2014 MicroTAS video competition.

    Inside a tube with an upward water flow, we position 3D printed spheres with embedded magnets. By decreasing turbulence in the tube, the spheres assemble into a ring, which is the minimum energy state. Read more in the publication by Tijmen Hageman.


    Magnetic Force Microscopy sequence of an array of Co/Pt multilayered islands with perpendicular anisotropy. The islands spaced at a distance of 200 nm. Every frame is taken at a different applied field. The islands switch one-by-one. For more information see the publication by Jeroen de Vries.

    We made a data storage disc that can keep data for a million year. We proved this by heating up to 850 K in an oven. A stove or BBQ will do as well... Read more in this publication by Jeroen de Vries and Dimitri Schellenberg.

    We levitated silicon cubes by inserting them in cuvette with paramagnetic fluid, positioned between two permanent magnets (Magneto-Archimedes effect). After shaking with a piezo, they try to assemble in a cubic crystal. Read more in the publication by Leon Woldering.